#FallWritingFrenzy, a contest in which entrants choose one of several provided images and create a story from it in 200 words or less, was created by author and literary agent Kaitlyn Sanchez and is co-hosted with author Lydia Lukidis. I decided to participate and dove in to writing my entry right after the contest was announced, and honestly?…this is the most fun I’ve had writing in a while. This whole “writing journey” thing can be hard – heartbreaking, rigorous, challenging, doubt-inducing, and many valleys studded with few peaks. But this contest reminded me: it’s also the best. The amount of talent and creativity I saw and am seeing from my fellow writers, everyone cheering everyone else on, the positive vibe of the contest itself…it’s exciting. And it makes me fall juuuust a little bit more in love with writing after all.

So, enjoy…THE AUTUMN PARADE! (187 words)

The Evergreen Forest prickled with excitement. Their branches danced and dipped in celebration. For these trees, it was the best time of year!

Squirrels skittered and scrambled for a safe hold. Chipmunks chattered around restless roots. Tree tops swayed as they all vied for the best view. 

“Here they come!” called one. It had finally begun!


First marched the Birches, with yellow and orange-hued hats reaching high as the sky.

Next danced the Willows. Their golden robes draped behind them, dropping jeweled leaves in their path.

Then lemony Gingkoes skipped along, young and determined to make a good first showing!

And for the grand finale, the Maples and Oaks strode through the wood, side-by-side. Their fiery red finery warmed the forest with its crimson glow.

As these last autumn trees trailed into the distance, the Pines and the Firs and the Spruces sighed happy sighs.

They collected keepsakes from the passed parade. Tiny trinkets to cherish in the coming cold months. They decorated their green and brown walls with the splendid season’s colors. And they waited, patiently impatient, for the next autumn to arrive.

12 thoughts on “#FallWritingFrenzy

  1. I love a parade—and this ingenious high-concept story. Magnificent! I also adore the STEM elements you incorporated with such vivid detail. “Then lemony Gingkoes skipped along” was my fave. @AnneLipton


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