Another day, another fun writing competition! And that feels like a reason to celebrate. I have been largely absent online and in terms of my writing, but Vivian Kirkfield’s #50PreciousWords sparked some much needed inspiration and I decided to send my little story out into the universe.

Limited to only 50 words, this competition challenges writers to use this strict word count to create a complete story. But, as is the way, sometimes the greatest things are born from seemingly simple ideas, and I’m really excited to read the other entries to see what my fellow writers did with their 50 words.

So, here’s my entry for the 2021 #50PreciousWords challenge – thanks for reading!

The Wandering Wish (50 words)
By Katie Grant Watson

Sam awoke with a wish
that wasn’t his
to his foot.

So he stomped and kicked!

Oh dear.
Stuck to his rear.

He wiggled and wriggled! 

Oh no!
Stuck to his nose.

And there it sat, 
in front of his face,


Off the wish blew.

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